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Easter 2020 Journal Cards

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 Ok ... how flipping' cute are these bunnies ?!?!?!

Easter is always such a fun time for our family ... I mean who doesn't love any excuse to eat chocolate for breakfast !!

While the world looks a little (or a lot) different this year, at our house, we are still going to make the most of it and i hope you do too !

We created this sweet set of journal cards for your to add to your pages and projects and hope that they may even prompt you to photograph and record memories that you may not have thought to include before ...

I hope you LOVE adding these to whatever you're working on ... and as always, be sure to tag us in your social media posts - we LOVE to see how you use what we create for you !!

The BEST part is they're FREE to use however you choose !! 

These are 3 x 4" ... ENJOY xox

(if you'd like to use these cards other than for personal projects (ie: class kits etc ..., please contact for rates)