Surprise Box

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We are SO excited to offer Surprise Boxes to you ! It’s been years (literally) since we’ve put these together and I think you’re going to love them !!

There are (2) box choices:

  • $35 Boxes (small) will include a minimum of $75 of paper crafting product 
  • $55 Boxes (large) will include and minimum of $100 of paper crafting product

Your boxes will include PAPER, STICKERS, DIE CUTS, WASHI TAPE and more !!

These types of boxes are SO fun as you never know what you’ll get and opening it is like your birthday … or Christmas … or Mother’s Day … ok, you get the point !!


  • These boxes may contain some of the same items and we can not guarantee that you will not receive multiples if you order more than one box
  • Boxes will ship Jan. 20, 2022
  • There are NO returns or exchanges offered on Surprise Boxes